"More Tails of Birding"
by Chris Petrak.

When the weather turns foul, birdwatcher and writer Chris Petrak pursues birds in his study, feathering his observations with those who have put pen to paper: the ornithologist, naturalist, storyteller, folklorist, lexicographer, poet. He distills these many resources into entertaining and informative essays for readers in Vermont and bloggers around the world. In this second collection of his writing, he reflects on birdwatching, provides engaging accounts on familiar birds, gives us glimpses at their amazing biology, and tells us about the men who pioneered ornithology and birdwatching in North America. Also an accomplished photographer, chapters are richly illustrated with his black and white photographs. More Tails of Birding will delight both the backyard bird watcher and the experienced birder.

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"Tails of Birding," by Chris Petrak.

For over ten years, Chris Petrak has chronicled birds on a weekly basis, interweaving the experiences of bird watching and birding ventures with the lives, biology, and survival challenges which the birds face.

This collection of 52 engaging essays is variously informative, entertaining, narrative, poignant, humorous, poetic, reflective.

New - "Timeless Prayer"

This collection of prayers reflects the universal yearnings of the human heart. with focus on both the otherness of God and the intimate nearness of God, there is wonder and joy in the divine presence. Sometimes the reason for prayer is chaos and confusion, but the prayers are without despair. They draw strength from the goodness and sovereignty of God.

The prayers are short. It is not necessary to heap word piles before the divine. In silence and contemplation the one who prays is best able to listen for the voice of God. These prayers will open the pathways to the heart of prayer where the still, small voice of God speaks.

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